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Biotechnology Assignment Help

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Biotechnology Assignment Help Online

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Biotechnology – Understanding the Subject

We Define Biotechnology as a useful technical application of organisms that have a life for the development of important and useful products. Biotechnology can be viewed as an amalgamation of technology, chemical engineering, computer sciences, and microbiology. This is by far the best Biotechnology Definition.

The course of biotechnology has gained a lot of recognition in the modern industrial era, as it focuses on the improvement of people’s lives. The discipline encompasses concepts such as biofuels, plant tissue culture and its applications, genomics, DNA engineering, and so on. If you need biotechnology assignment help, avail our Biotechnology assignment writing service and get rid of all your worries.

Biotechnology is basically about the several procedures used to modify living organisms for human use. It involves the domestication of animals, cultivation of various plants, and development of these through breeding processes that use artificial selection and hybridization. Modern conventions include genetic engineering and cell and tissue culture technologies. Biotechnology is the application of biological organisms, systems, or processes by various industries to learn about how science can be applied to life and what improvements can be brought in the value of resources such as pharmaceuticals, crops, livestock, to name a few. It is the integration of natural science and organisms, cells, and molecular analogues to generate products and services.

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Biotechnology Engineering Assignment Help for all Topics

Plant or Agriculture Biotechnology Assignment Topics

Human beings have been utilizing biotechnology to successfully modify plants and eventually convert food sources. In earlier times, agriculturists would select crops that were resistant to the attack of insects and pests, in addition to yielding the maximum quantity. With the passage of years, humans discovered organisms that successfully trapped nitrogen, thereby leading to greater productivity. After this, the process of fermentation was discovered, which lead to the leavening of bread and brewing.

Animal Biotechnology Assignment Topics

Biotechnology was also used for the benefit of the animal kingdom. Human beings had engaged in selective breeding for a long time, without knowing that this was just another form of biotechnological innovation. Then, in the 19thcentury, Charles Darwin came up with his theory of natural selection of species as part of his path-breaking Theory of Evolution.

Medical Biotechnology Assignment Topics

Another vital usage of biotechnology was seen in the field of medicine. In the year 1928, Alexander Fleming successfully discovered Penicillium, which later led to the production and use of antibiotics.

In modern times, revolutionary discoveries have been made in the field of genetics, bio-robotics, and bioinformatics. The benefits of genetic engineering can be seen by everybody. Nowadays, bio-technologists can alter an organism’s genetic structure via the introduction of a new DNA. The result is the development of a genetically modified organism (GMO) that has tweaked genetic makeup. Since 1994, genetically modified food has been produced on a commercial basis.

These were just some of the Examples of Biotechnology and Biotechnology Applications.

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Assignment on Biotechnology

We have professionals for all types of Biotechnology Assignments

Bio-Robotics Assignment

Bio-robotics is a specific subtype of biotechnology that utilizes biological information for studying and developing robots that can perform certain biological functions. Some Biotechnology Topics for Assignment is based on bio-robotics.

Bioinformatics Assignment

Bioinformatics utilizes mathematics, computer science, and related subjects to study as well as process biological data. It is increasingly used in the field of gene mapping and processing of gene-related information. Most Biotechnology Assignment Topics revolve around bioinformatics.

Chemical Engineering Assignment

Chemical engineering successfully combines the fields of chemistry as well as engineering to put them to successful use in the manufacturing industry. Nanotechnology and bioengineering are its major sub-branches.

Bioprocess Engineering

Bio-engineering successfully uses in-depth knowledge of biology for the production of several useful products in diverse fields such as agriculture, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, which are biologically useful and environmentally sustainable.

Biotechnology Application Assignments Writing

Biotechnology has not only branched out into numerous sub-disciplines, but its applications in several fields have also increased phenomenally. The two important applications of biotechnology are seen in the fields of Agriculture and Medicine.

Agriculture Biotechnology Assignments

When it comes to agriculture, biotechnology has applications in numerous fields. Biotechnology is used to manufacture GMOs, manufacture of biofuels, bioremediation, and pharmaceutical agents. A wide range of GMOs has been successfully produced in recent times. Thus, the importance of Biology has surged considerably despite the several controversies surrounding the ethical aspects of GMOs.

Medicine Biotechnology Assignments

In the pharmaceutical industry, info related to biology is being constantly utilized for the production of new drugs. Pharmacogenomics is the combination of pharmacology and genetics for understanding how certain drugs function on human bodies. Advanced research on stem-cell therapy is possible today thanks to biotechnology. Also, research on incurable diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS has been facilitated by the science of biotechnology.

One of the important Biotechnology examples is the field of genetic testing. It has two primary purposes:

  • finding out the inherited diseases in children
  • finding out the parentage of a child in the event of quarrels over his or her biological parents.

Besides agriculture and medicine, there are umpteen research topics in Biotechnology.

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Reliable Biotechnology Assignment Help in Australia

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