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Expository Essays in Australia

Expository essays are often used as an evaluation tool in exams and classrooms. They seek to illuminate, explain or ‘expose’ given topics. Best Expository Essays are the ones that assume that their readers have no background knowledge about the topic. They are informative but not dry. They tell you everything about the topic in a most fascinating manner.

GoAssignmentHelp has a strong panel of subject and language assignment help experts on the panel who can provide you with excellent essay writing help on any expository essay topics and help you complete your expository essay assignment on time. Expository Essays edited by our experts cover to start with amazing leads, cover who, how, what, when, where and why of the topics covered, and contain a well-rounded analysis of the assigned topic.

After all, an Expository Essay meaning can be elucidated as an essay that explains or describes an idea well. Expository Essay definition, as given on Purdue University website, states that ‘it is a genre of essay requires the student to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and set forth an argument concerning that idea clearly and concisely.’

There are several different ways in which expository essays can be written.

Expository Essay Writing Help for Types of Expository Essays

Broadly speaking, there are six types of expository essay writing that you might be asked to submit. These include:

  • Cause and Effect Essays study why something happens and what its consequences or effects are.
  • Classification Essays require you to categories ideas or items according to their similarities and differences.
  • Comparison or Contrast Essays that point out the similarities and differences between two things or ideas.
  • Definition Essays explain a term or concept, and often covers what it might mean in different contexts.
  • Problem or Solution Essays state a problem clearly, analyses it in detail and propose solutions to the given problem.
  • Process Essays that explain a process or a procedure step-by-step.

All these kinds of essays serve different purposes in the academic world and are written in different ways. GoAssignmentHelp experts can help you come up with well-structured “˜Grade A ‘expository essays in a matter of few hours!

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Expository Essays Help with Structure

Generally speaking, an Expository Essay structure has five paragraphs which can be adapted for longer or shorter essays as required. An effective Expository Essay layout has the following parts:

  • Introduction: The most important part of an Expository Essay format, the first paragraph not only introduces the topic but also outlines the main ideas that are presented in the essay. An introduction usually has a hook to capture the attention of the readers, some building sentences that throw light on the background information of the topic, and a thesis statement. A Thesis Statement presents the topic and the writer’s position on it in a single sentence.
  • Body Paragraphs: Usually, an Expository Essay has three body paragraphs. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence (or the main idea of the paragraph), supporting sentences that seek to explain or develop the idea using evidence and logic, and a concluding sentence that rounds off the point presented in the paragraph and serves as a transition to the next paragraph.
  • Conclusion: The last paragraph of the essay states your thesis once again (in other words), summarise the key ideas presented in the body paragraphs, and includes a final thought on the topic “which might be an opinion, a solution, or a prediction.

How to come up with Best Expository Essay Ideas?

Day in and day out, we work on hundreds of expository essay topics. We have realised that expository essays do not have to be dry or uninteresting. 

A great way to come up with some of the most eye-catching Expository Essay Ideas is to:

  • Choose a topic that you like or want to know about.
  • Do a quick preliminary research on it and quickly gather and organise the information you find,
  • Narrow it down to one aspect of the topic you feel drawn to.

Expository Essay Topics

While you might want your expository essay topics to be ‘out of this world’ and ‘earth-shattering’, remember that you will need to know a lot about them to be able to write a good essay on them. So, choose something interesting but simple.

A topic you want to know more about and appeals to your classmates too can be considered a good expository essay topic to choose.

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