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Kaplan Business School Assignment Help

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Kaplan Business School

Kaplan business school is an eminent institute, which is delivering educational excellence to students for the last 70 years. Kaplan business school is part of Kaplan Inc. that is established in 1938 with a vision of providing lifelong education to the needy. Through their industry-oriented courses, Kaplan has produced more than a million alumni spreading all over the world. Kaplan business school is spread in 30 countries.

Why Study in Kaplan Business School?

The institute believes in principle values of Integrity, knowledge, support, and result, through which they are able to pave their way from 100 students to Network College consisting four campuses. The school believes in personalised learning and encourages academics and staff to facilitate all the students in achieving success through a personal touch. Classes and programmes are student-driven. With the subtle change of requirement of knowledge throughout the world, Kaplan college of business orients their courses according to the student’s needs. An eight-member academic board governs the school. These members are chosen from aged industry practitioners and academics. They are the sole independent and supreme authority in the quality and governance of the college.

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Where is Kaplan Business School Located?

Kaplan Business School currently runs through four campuses at Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. All these campuses are prepared to provide the students with an international level of facilities. All these campuses have large library facilities which not only offer academic materials but also provide learning advisors. Apart from these, there are centralised student experience and service hubs at the Brisbane campus. Their Adelaide campus has a huge outdoor courtyard with a sports and food facility. All these campuses have sufficiently big food courts and lounges. Students are provided a study facility at the library, and private study rooms are also available.

All these campuses are situated in convenient places with all the facilities of transport to a different area. Students are given choices to avail accommodation in close vicinity of the academic buildings. All these campuses are well maintained and have a perfect place to study and leisure. IT facilities and computer labs are placed everywhere, and the students have access to WIFI on these campuses.

Besides, there are ASC staff members and drop-in facilities in Melbourne and Sydney campuses to assist the students in their studies. Open lounges, vending machines, students common areas with pantry facilities are a few other facilities to name which are common in all the campuses.

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Kaplan Business School Courses

Kaplan business school has designed their classes in a way that helps the students achieve their goals. Business is the most popular subject among students that gives the students an opportunity to either enter an industry or own an enterprise. Kaplan business school is the favourite destination of students aspiring to make their career in business. They are at the forefront of the industry associated undergraduate and postgraduate in accounting business and management. Kaplan has set its mission in finding the highest number of employment after finishing their courses. All their courses are accredited in Australia as they have an affiliation from Tertiary Education Quality and Standard Agency Australia.

Kaplan Undergraduate Courses:

  • Diploma in Business
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (CPA, CA ANZ, and ACCA accredited)
  • Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Kaplan Postgraduate courses:

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting (CPA, CA ANZ and ACCA accredited)
  • Master of Accounting (CPA, CA ANZ and ACCA accredited)

List of some course offered by Kaplan Business School

HAT202 The Hospitality and Tourism Market

The subject offers an all-inclusive dynamics of the hospitality and tourism markets. To analyse the impact on domestic business situations, students apply the trend of hospitality and tourism models.

MAN202 Business Ethics

This subject teaches the students the practical aspects of business ethics while introducing theories of ethics. It takes place via lectures, tutorials, and case studies.

MKT302 Digital Marketing

The course provides an introduction to the philosophies and necessary skills in today’s digitally enhanced markets for success.

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