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Tips to Structure your Essay with Examples

Jan 13,20

Writing is a skill and essays are the most widely used format to portray our thoughts and point of view. Essay writing is also an important part of your academics. A well-written essay can fetch you decent grades in examinations. Essays can be of different kinds from argumentative to persuasive, from comparative to linear. Apart from paying attention to the points and statements in the essay, you have to be very particular about your essay structure.

The fundamental idea to make your essay remarkable is to give it a proper format. The points must be synchronized properly and there has to be a regular flow. Maintaining the order of definitions, examples, and arguments are very crucial to bind the reader’s attention to your writing.

There are many templates available on the internet that can serve to be a ready-made outline for your essay. However, most of the essays follow a basic format and are divided into four or five paragraphs depending on the subject. Essays generally have an opening paragraph that introduces you to the topic, a body including the arguments, and a conclusion that summarizes the entire story.

The Common Tips on How to Structure Essay Properly

The Introduction (the opening paragraph)

The first paragraph has to be gripping enough to retain the reader’s interest. An introduction clearly states the objective of the essay that what you are going to write in this piece. It mentions a brief of the points you are going to cover along with a short thesis. The thesis might have the key question that you will be answering in the latter part of your essay.

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An introduction should be short and precise mostly done in five to six lines. You can begin your introduction with a generic definition of the topic, a popular quote, or an open question for the audience. In short, the introduction should

  • Provide a background of the subject
  • Showcase the objectives of the write-up
  • Explain the key expressions/words
  • Provide a relevant quote or saying

The Main Body

The body of the essay contains the main content regarding your subject. Here you explain each of your introductory point in details highlighting the pros and cons. Dedicate separate paragraphs to individual arguments and statements that you highlighted in the outline. Start by sticking to one idea at a time and do not try to wind up multiple arguments in one section itself. Each paragraph can be of six to eight lines including relevant information about the topic and have a connection with the introduction. You may also add contextual examples and figures here to support your content. Thus, the body of the essay should have,

  • The main essence (content) of your essay
  • The paragraphs should be relating o the thesis statements and explaining them broadly

The Conclusion

The end of your essay must be strong and compelling impacting the readers effectively. It summarizes the entire content in two or three lines without adding any extra information. You draw a final understanding of your idea of giving a steadfast judgment about the arguments you have been discussing till now. The conclusion should always reinforce your thesis opening platforms for further discussions related o the topic. Every sentence that you write should aim to expand the scope of the subject. In a gist, your conclusion should,

  • Contain a maximum four to five stronger statements
  • Restate the thesis and compile your point if views altogether

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Now, you know the basic format to structure your essay. Keep in mind that the more you practice, the more you will improve. I am listing some quick tips to make your writing better.

  • Use short and concise sentences.
  • Research the topic well before you start writing
  • Prepare a brief outline of the topic to list down the main ideas and thoughts before doing the final work.
  • Read about the ways on how to structure your essay paragraph well. You can also check out a few essay samples on popular websites like GoAssignmentHelp that provides essay writing service as well. You will get a clear idea about structuring your essay from these sites.
  • Add the finishing touches like checking for grammatical errors, sentence structures, and the language flow.

essay structure

Once done make sure you have arranged the sentences in your paragraph likely. Place the strongest points first in all the paragraphs. Review your essay to assure that it is making sense and all the paragraphs are elucidating a process rather than being lone sentences. There must be an interconnection between ideas and phrases.

Good Luck for our next essay! I am sure you will write an excellent piece.


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January 13, 2020

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