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Informative Speech Topics for Students

Feb 5,20

Informative Speech Topics

Suppose, you have to explain the process of essay writing to your younger sibling who has to write their first essay. What will you do? Well, you will probably start with what is an essay, why we write an essay and finally you will explain to them the components of an essay that are introduction, body and conclusion.

Well, this is what INFORMATIVE SPEECH is. It is the process of informing the audience about a topic. In other words, it is the process of enlightening the audience. In this case, the audience generally has no idea about the topic. So, it is the essay writer’s duty to ensure that they are able to understand every little detail about the topic.

What are the 4 types of informative speeches?

Informative Speech can be of four types – DEFINITION, EXPLANATORY, DEMONSTRATIVE and DESCRIPTIVE.

DEFINITION SPEECH – As you can guess from the name, the main aim of definition speech is to describe the exact meaning of something. This means you have to be very specific here. No stories, no extra details. Just explain the ‘main points’.

EXPLANATORY SPEECH – Here you are expected to explain the topic in detail. You will answer the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions for the audience. For instance, if you are explaining essay writing to someone, you will help them understand why essay writing is required.

DEMONSTRATIVE SPEECH – Here, you have to demonstrate a process in order to inform the audience about a topic. For instance, if you are explaining the essay writing process, you will help your audience visualise that. You will take them from one step to another so that they can do an essay on their own after listening to you.

DESCRIPTIVE SPEECH – Here, you need to describe the topic in such a way that the audience is able to create a mental image of the topic. So you will focus on physical appearance, emotional value, and other things that can be picturised. For instance, you can describe the essay writing process by specifying the number of words in each section, formatting details such as headings should be capitalized and bold etc. so that the learner will be able to see what an essay would look like.

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What are some good informative speech topics?

Informative speech assignments are generally introduced to high school students but they continue until college or university studies. This is done to help students find their way with words and enhance their ability to express and explain. Now that we have understood what an informative speech is, it is time to look at some interesting topics that you can refer to while writing a speech for yourself.

List of Informative Speech Topics

Informative Speech Topics for College

  1. The Secret to Excel in Co-Curricular Activities
  2. Why Use Academic Writing Services
  3. How to Write a Book
  4. The Trick to Time Management
  5. How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Lives
  6. Communicating Effectively in Classrooms
  7. Deforestation and Its Impact
  8. Does Gender Equality Exist

Public Speaking Informative Speech Topics

  1. The Ties Between Education and Economy
  2. Kids Learning More Than One Language
  3. Emotional Therapy is OKAY!
  4. How to Keep Your City Clean
  5. How to Save Money in Your 20’s
  6. How Currencies Evolved
  7. Poverty – Is it a Rut?
  8. The Tale of a Morning Person

Informative Speech Topics about Music

  1. Learn to Play Piano in Ten Minutes
  2. The Positivity in Music
  3. How Music Affects the Brain
  4. Is Rap Music The Rebel Music
  5. Can Music Make You Lazy?
  6. Music and its Effect on Concentration
  7. The Journey of a Popular Singer
  8. Do Plants Grow Faster With Music

Informative Speech Topics for Sports

  1. Sports Make Life
  2. A Cricket Kit
  3. Is Boxing A Safe Sport?
  4. The Universal Language of Sport
  5. The Right Coach Can Make You An Athlete
  6. Diet Plan of a Sportsperson
  7. Finding Motivation After You Lose
  8. Children Should Be Encouraged To Play Sports
  9. How Sponsorships Help A Sport Event

Informative Speech Outline

Informative Speech Outline

Informative Speech Outline
  • Grab your audience’s attention here
  • Introduce yourself and the purpose of you sharing the information
  • Provide an emotional touch in your introduction to seek the attention of the audience
  • Include slogans or phrases that can capture their attention
  • One or two statements that will pursue your audience towards your goals
  • It can also be the title of your speech
  • All the ideas must be organized carefully here
  • Provide the explanations / demonstration / description here
  • It’s the summary of your speech
  • Include all main points here
  • Encourage the audience to take some action / leave them with a question

Informative Speech Example

As it is said, better shown than told. So here we share with you a brief example of Informative Speech on ‘Healthy Eating’. We have divided the speech into three sections and the points that can be included under each.

  • More than 80% of the issues in the human body are related to what we eat?
  • Food provides us with all essential nutrients
  • But we choose to eat mindlessly
  • We prefer taste over nutritional value
  • We must cook our meals, home-cooked food is rich in nutrition, it also saves money
  • We should consult a dietician or read about the various benefits of different food items
  • A weekly meal plan helps in providing all the good eating options and prevent decision fatigue
  • Carry a fruit always with you
  • Try different recipes or cuisines to explore the possibilities of healthy eating
  • Food is the main factor how our body functions
  • Bad gut health leads to serious diseases
  • Eating healthy is not a habit but a lifestyle that we all must maintain

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How Do You Choose An Informative Speech Topic?

GoAssignmentHelp enables you to choose the best informative speech topic. Our academic experts have a long list of possible topics for informative speech for different domains. Whether it be academia, entertainment, music, sports, literature, media, fun, health, economy, education, technology or hobbies, you can find the best Informative Speech Topic from GoAssignmentHelp in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Share your Query We need some of your details such as educational level, interests, domain in which you are searching the informative topic
Step 2: Make Payment You need to pay a nominal fee for accessing our services
Step 3: Get the Topic Our experts will have a look at your requirements and provide with what exactly you are looking for

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February 5, 2020

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