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How to Write a Good College Essay?

May 16,23

How to Write a Good College Essay?

Essay writing may sound like a very easy task, but when you sit to write one, you realise, it requires a lot of effort and study. Students do have to write essays in schools and colleges as assignments, regular tasks, or exams. Everyone wants to stand out from the rest and score better marks.

Your college essay is your unique opportunity to introduce yourself through your writing skills. Your essay should reflect your thoughts and ideas. As your examiner or admissions committee members comb through thousands of applications, your essay should stand out and speak for you and increase your chances of scoring better marks or securing a seat for admission.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write an essay that will not only get you a good mark but will also attract the attention of your readers and admission committee.

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Choose a topic that you can talk about

Your topic should be something that you are passionate about, and that you can use to reflect all of your ideas naturally. Also, you should be able to collect thorough, accurate information on it so you can write the most informed essay. Stay away from topics that you do not like or that are too popular.

Do research on your topic

Maybe you know a lot about your topic, yet when you are writing a college essay the purpose is to score impressive marks or exams or grab the attention of the admission committee in a college. Therefore, collecting good and authentic information is necessary.

Be Consistent and Authentic

Your essay should be authentic, showing your true personality and interests. Readers usually can easily find out if writers try to pretend. So, be consistent and authentic. Choosing a topic and using vocabulary tells who you are and if you are trying to pretend.

Be natural in your writing

Try to be natural in your writing. Do not try to be who you are not. Your own unique style of expressing yourself, sense of humour, and natural way of writing are key to making a connection with your audience.

Your topic should be able to reflect your mindset and not one that you picked just to impress others. This will help you express yourself better and your readers will be able to understand you through your writing. Be honest with yourself and what you have to say.

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Grab the attention of readers

Your essay will be among hundreds or thousands of candidates, either ‌for some exams or as an applicant for admission.

Therefore, start your essay with an opening that immediately grabs the attention of the reader or your examiner. It can be a thoughtful quote, a bold statement, a question, or an expressive scene that can compel your audience to imagine what you have written.

The beginning of an essay is very important. It should be able to engage the reader and keep them interested throughout the essay. Also do present the purpose of your writing in the beginning so that readers are aware of your topic.

Make your arguments strong

Some essay writers think that by cramming their essays with as many facts, figures, big words, flowery sentences, and complicated sentence framing, they will impress committees and peers. But, this does not work that way.

College admission officers or your teacher are interested in learning if you are aware of what you are writing. They can easily read ‌what is in your mind while writing your essay. So, when you write, make sure you have understood your topic thoroughly. You will need to do a proper study to make your essay look informative and convincing. Keep enough evidence to back up your arguments. Every argument should be attached with supporting information. It will prove how well you have understood the subject.

Try Doing Something Different

If you want your essay to stand out among hundreds of copies, think about how you can approach your subject differently. While many students might choose to write about themselves, many would choose to write about anything but themselves. You can talk about what you learned from your observation of a particular subject or event or moment in your life.

If you are a talented writer, you can create curiosity in the minds of the readers first and then slowly open the leaves one by one to satisfy their curiosity. You can make the readers wait till the last line and even after that, you can leave them asking for more.

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Keep your readers in mind

Writing for readers means making a strong argument with logical steps.

Consider any additional information you may have forgotten that may be necessary for the readers to understand the main point.

Make sure you can answer questions like: Is your writing making any sense? Is the opening of the essay able to grab the attention of readers? Is the flow of the essay correct? Is the ending convincing? Is your essay informative and has supporting statements for all your arguments? Can your readers understand the language you have used?

Make several drafts

If you have written essays before, you know, your first copy is not the final copy. Your writing goes through several rough phases before it reaches the final phase. And there are chances you will realise while reviewing your essay that there are scopes of improvement. After you have completed writing, keep it aside for a day or two. Then come back to it after you have almost forgotten what you have written. Most of the time, you will find you see things differently which makes it easier to make revisions.

Therefore, always keep some time in hand when you write so that you have enough time to revise your writing and make improvements.

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Do not repeat information

Do not repeat anything again and again. Do not repeat stories or anecdotes that you have already mentioned elsewhere in your essay. Repeating any information again is completely unimpressive.

Check spelling and grammar

Your writing should be clear, concise, and to the point, and your sentences should be well-paused and well-organised. Your vocabulary and grammar should be impeccable, and your piece should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Before you submit your essay, ensure it is spelling mistakes and grammar errors-free.

Take feedback from others

Ask people of different ages, genders, and backgrounds to read your essay, somebody from your family or a friend or teacher to read your essay and give feedback. Listen to them attentively and incorporate them if you find them useful.

Close your essay with a convincing note

The conclusion should be a summary of the main points, bringing everything together in a cohesive way. Your essay should last long in the minds of the readers after they have finished reading it, leaving them impressed by your good points.

So, here is what you will need to follow: Be concise, articulate, clear in your thoughts about what you are writing, and adept at supporting your argument convincingly. Show how you reflect on your actions and what you have learned.

Revise again and again, before you submit your essay.

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May 16, 2023

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