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How to Write an Application to Ask My Professor to Accept a Late Assignment?

Aug 10,21

Find sample late submission assignment letters here!

Late submission of assignments is something that many college students go through. Emergencies happen, students go through heartbreaks, work and study schedules clash, and student-athletes and artists get busy with their practice. Sometimes, students become tardy. Sometimes, they fall ill. Sometimes, they become careless and forget about an assignment. 

However, most students with genuine reasons for submitting an assignment late manage to get an extension from their professors – as they request it ‘before’ the deadline. Most teachers understand students’ predicaments. If they deem that a student has a valid reason for submitting an assignment late, they grant him or her an extension of 2-7 days.

The problem arises when you delay submitting an assignment even though you have NOT been granted an extension. In such a case, the professor may refuse to accept your assignment and award you an F (fail) grade in the assignment. Or they may accept the assignment and give you penalty marks.

In the age of online assignment submissions, almost 65% of college students submit their assignments at the last minute. And then, there are 10% of students who submit assignments late with predictable excuses like:

My laptop/device developed a technical glitch.

Professors hear these excuses as:

  • I have been lazy and failed to do my homework on time.
  • I am so tech-tardy that I failed to ask for online assignment help and find a way to do it on time.
  • I am so lazy that I couldn’t even find a better and novel excuse for late assignment submission.

At GoAssignmentHelp, we often receive requests from students across the US to write effective and convincing applications for late assignment submissions or how to apologize for a late assignment.

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Different reasons why students submit assignments late (and sample late submission applications)

A study by Megal Nieberding and Andrew F. Heckler published in June 2021 found that students who procrastinate in writing assignments have lower course grades. The study also found that 90% of students do not delay completion of an assignment intentionally, and those who did were two to three times more likely to earn D or E grades.

Another study published by Mehmet Kokoc et al found that students’ online assignment submission behaviour does not change semester after semester. One can predict their end-of-term academic performance depending on their assignment submission behaviour at the beginning of the semester. GoAssignmentHelp’s assignment assistance experts aim to provide appropriate intervention to students on a timely basis.

How to apologize for a late assignment when you forget the submission deadline?

A 2015 research by Keith Gregory and Sue Morgan revealed that if an assignment has a long deadline, more students submit it late. In such cases, students tend to forget when they have to turn in the assignment. If you also forgot to do a task assigned by your professor long ago, you may write the following email for late assignment submission:

Dear [Sir or Ma’am],

I sincerely apologize for the late submission of my assignment [assignment number/topic/question]. I am so sorry for causing you inconvenience and hope that you wouldn’t have to change your schedule when you accept this assignment.

I [fell sick/had to attend my sister’s wedding/broke my leg/or any other excuse] and that’s why my assignment submission got delayed. This is my first mistake and I hope you could excuse me this time. I did not procrastinate intentionally and promise never to submit my assignment late again.

Please accept my assignment along with my heartfelt apology. I am attaching my completed assignment here.

Best Regards,



[Roll No.]

Attaching a doctor’s prescription to prove that you really had an accident or fell sick, or a signed letter from your parents to prove that you had a family emergency could increase your chances of getting your assignment accepted when you submit it late.

Late submission email to a professor when you have valid academic reasons

Sometimes, students need more time to research a topic some more to analyze it better and to provide a better piece of work. Students who ask teachers time to improve the quality and substance of their writing are rare – and often teachers’ favourites. The chances of their late assignments being accepted are quite high.

Here’s a sample apology email to the professor for late submission because you needed more time for research or analysis:

Dear [Sir or Ma’am],

I am sorry for turning in my [thesis/essay/assignment] on [Topic] late. As I was working on my assignment, I found a few sources [list of sources] which I thought were critical to my research. It took more time than expected to examine them and use them while doing my research.

I understand that I should have approached you earlier to get an extension on the assignment submission deadline but I miscalculated the time I would need to complete my research work and write my assignment. I apologize for not planning my assignment work better but I assure you that I was late only because I wanted to do my best while writing it.

I hope you will be able to review my assignment without much inconvenience. I’ve spent a lot of time on it and am looking forward to your feedback and recommendations on it.

Warm Regards,



[Roll No.]

You may also want to seek assignment help from our assignment writing service experts to get high-quality answers and academic essays written within time to avoid such a situation.

How to apologize to a professor for a late assignment?

 An apology letter to the professor for late submission must include these three things:

  • A Plausible, Believable Excuse: Experienced professors know all the commonplace excuses students use to get out of tight spots when it comes to submitting assignments on time. But if you give a creative and credible excuse, the chances of it getting accepted increase.
  • A Sincere Apology: Teachers and professors have busy schedules. Apart from giving lectures in class, they have to prepare curriculum, class activities, prepare notes, and go through a pile of assignments, academic essays, dissertations and theses. Assignment submission deadlines are their way to make time to correct your assignment. When you submit an assignment late, you inconvenience them by disturbing their entire schedule. So, they are justified in feeling irritated. Hence, if you submit an assignment late, you owe them a sincere apology.
  • A Promise of Being More Cautious in the Future: You can never take a teacher’s acceptance of your apology for granted. With the late assignment email, you must always include a promise never to repeat that mistake. Remember, such apology letters or emails work their magic only once. If you repeat them too often, they lose their power.

Need help with an application for late submission of assignments?

You can use these samples to officially apologize for submitting assignments late. An apology letter or email also serves as a reminder to the instructor of the date on which you submitted the assignment. Assignment writers on our leading online assignment help platform help students across Canada, including those in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Quebec City, and more.

Besides these late assignment submission email samples, there are tons of different ways to apologize to the professor for a late assignment. If you are wondering how to write an email for a late assignment that works, get help from GoAssignmentHelp experts.

August 10, 2021

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